I have often found myself having profound discussions with perfect strangers–on an airplane, on a ferry, at a bus stop in North Africa and New York.  Crossroads, the ancient Greeks believed, were a point where time and space collided, where the spirit world crossed into the corporeal one, and where the Goddess Hecate ruled.


I always feel that people are harbingers of messages for us from the Universe.  But we have to be receptive in order to truly listen to that message.  I suppose when we travel to an unfamiliar place, our senses are heightened as we take in different sights and sounds.  No longer are we on automatic pilot, walking through the same path we take every day, oblivious to the beauty right in front of us.


That is why a certain chance encounter with a person from another culture can be so meaningful.  But you don’t really have to go anywhere to achieve that sublime feeling.  It is always there to be had if you open up right in familiar surroundings. Ironically, it took a meeting with Frederik Molenschot with whom I was coordinating with on a chandelier to make me realize this.


Perhaps it was the jet lag (he had just flown in from Amsterdam) or perhaps as a artist, he recognized another creative mind in action.  But somehow, he confronted me with a question: What did I really want from life--from my life?  Could I fashion a life as rich and as creative as my soul craves?  I found myself at a crossroads, of feeling like anything I choose is possible.  And all that I have experienced so far– my failures and heartbreaks intertwined with my successes and joys--have led me to this point.


As we discussed the sinuous lines of his illuminated sculpture, how its reflectivity and sheer volume would be filling the lofty dining room of a tony townhouse, I couldn’t help but to feel like my path was intersecting this moment and spanning out to somewhere unknown.  My senses were heightened and I had that same feeling I do when I am somewhere unfamiliar and new.  As I cradled the bronze chalice (that was a part of the chandelier) in my hand, I gazed at the gilt inside reflecting back at me, and became electrified by my own possibility.